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RTO Advance has assisted many RTOs and related organisations to improvetheir operations since 2007.

  • Providing good strategic advice and analysis to Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) is
    crucial in ensuring long-term success. As the education landscape continues to evolve,
    RTOs will need to adapt to changes in the industry to remain competitive.

    Our strategic advice report involves assessing your RTO's current position, identifying
    strengths and weaknesses, and creating a plan for improvement.

    Effective strategic advice and analysis can help your RTO identify business opportunities,
    improve student retention, and maintain compliance with regulatory bodies. Ultimately, RTOs
    that receive good strategic advice and analysis will be better equipped to succeed in the
    ever-changing vocational education sector.

  • We can draft a business plan and provide a detailed market analysis report to support effective decision making. The reports can be provided separately or together.


    Why RTOs need a Business Plan:

    • Sets the strategic direction for the business

    • Prioritises activities, defines key objectives, maps out how to achieve goals

    • Identifies risks and how to respond to them success

    • The planning process helps understanding how different factors can drive

    • Assists with financial planning and management

    • Sets out quality assurance, regulatory compliance and governance practices.

    RTO Market Analysis

    We provide a detailed report developed by experienced RTO experts with a unique perspective and lived experience in growing and operating successful RTOs. Our report;

    • Combines several Australian Government reports and data sets to give a holistic view of where your RTO might position itself in the marketplace  along with other information to give a truly unique report qualifications and how many other education providers in a geographical area,

    • Uses current and future job demands for occupations and matching them with

    • Can be adapted to the RTOs areas of interest and capabilities

    • Applies to providers with CRICOS and domestic student enrolments.

  • The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) requires a substantial amount of evidence and documentation for an application to register a new RTO. We will use our first-hand experience of the RTO registration process to provide guidance each step of the way. We will also explain how the Standards for RTOs 2015 need to be implemented to ensure compliance and set your RTO up for success.


    We will customise your policies and procedures, develop training and assessment strategies for each qualification or course for your specific target group, review your trainers to ensure they meet the required standards and establish a system to set your RTO up to run effectively and in line with regulations

  • Applying for CRICOS registration can be an extremely complex and time-consuming process, requiring careful attention to detail and adherence to strict and complex regulatory requirements.


    Our team of experts have been assisting RTO’s to become CRICOS providers for many years and will guide you through each step of the process. We provide guidance on what to expect and how the Standards for Registered Training Organisations, ESOS Act and National Code need to be addressed. Ultimately, our goal is to help educational institutions expand their reach and offer quality education to a diverse range of students from around the world

  • Maximise your opportunity for success and avoid the unnecessary costs of audit rectification and possible regulatory sanctions. We have many years of VET sector experience in working with successful RTOs to assess their readiness for regulatory audits, and to assist with implementing operational and
    academic improvements.


    Our expert team of RTO auditors understands that an extremely thorough approach is required to ensure your RTO is ready for audit. We can assist with re-registration applications for RTOs with both CRICOS and domestic students.


    Our key message is to start early.


    Don’t leave your preparation to the last minute, as this could be very costly for your business. We advise our clients to commence audit preparations at least six months before your RTO re-registration date.

  • RTOs are required to comply with a range of regulations and standards to ensure the quality and relevance of the training they provide. When a regulatory report identifies findings of non-compliance, it is essential that the RTO takes prompt action to rectify any issues to avoid possible sanctions.


    We are experienced in completing audit rectifications for audit reports in regard to;

    • Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) findings

    • Funding contracts issued by States and Territories

    • VET Student Loans (VSL)

    • NSW Liquor and Gaming

    • NSW Food Authority

    • Third Party Agreements.

    Our advisors are extremely well versed in undertaking complex audit rectifications involving a thorough review of the findings from your audit report and a clear plan for addressing each issue. In collaboration with you we will work with your RTO to document the necessary steps you will need to take to address each finding, including any changes made to policies, procedures, or training materials.

  • RTO Advance provides an internal audit service to assist our clients to maintain a quality assured and compliant RTO. An internal audit is the best way to ensure your RTO’s processes are meeting standards and maintaining ongoing compliance. We will perform the audit in line with the current audit model used by ASQA and provide you with a detailed audit report and action plan to rectify any identified non-compliances and prepare you for future audits.

  • Targeted audits can be focused on specific areas such as assessment practices, student support services, or a particular standard(s). By conducting regular targeted audits, we can help improve the quality of your training programs and maintain continual compliance within the VET quality framework. Our auditors will work with you to define the scope of the audit and allow you to focus on your core business

  • RTOs in Australia are required to comply with a range of regulatory standards to maintain their registration. Our compliance support assists you to meet these requirements and avoid unnecessary costly rectifications or regulatory sanctions. It is also a cost effective alternative to employing staff to manage and undertake compliance activities,


    Our compliance support includes assistance with developing and implementing policies and procedures, conducting internal audits, and conducting professional development activities with your team on the requirements of the Standards for RTOs. We also provide advice on developing your training and assessment strategies or reviewing assessment resources. Effective compliance support is essential to delivering high-quality training and assessment. A bank of hours can be purchased and can be used as required for help desk support via phone and email.

  • We provide coaching to RTOs on issues such as governance arrangements, including establishing committees and chairing meetings. Good coaching in these areas will strengthen internal processes, improve decision-making, and enhance overall operational effectiveness.


    Our advisors can help your RTO establish clear roles and responsibilities for board members, and develop effective strategies for monitoring and managing risks. We can help to define your organisation's purpose, values, and strategic direction, while coaching your team on meeting procedures to ensure that meetings are productive, efficient, and well-run.


    By working with our experienced team in these areas, you can build your capacity to operate at a high level of performance and achieve your goals more effectively while also adhering to the requirements of the Standards for RTOs

  • Establishing effective governance and quality assurance practices is essential for RTOs to operate effectively while still delivering education and training that meets national standards. Our team of expert advisors will assist by providing guidance and support in implementing effective governance practices, conducting regular internal audits to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and supporting you in developing and implementing quality assurance processes.


    In addition, providing ongoing training and professional development opportunities for your staff can help to enhance the quality of education and training delivery. This will help to ensure that you are delivering high-quality education and training that meets the needs of learners and the wider community

  • Providing validation of assessment tools and verification of performance judgments is absolutely essential for RTOs to ensure the quality of your training programs and to maintain compliance with regulatory standards.


    Our team of validators will ensure the tools you are using to assess the competency of your learners are reliable, valid, fair and meet the requirements of the training package. We can verify performance judgments, ensuring the judgments made by your assessors are accurate and consistent

  • Engaging with industry stakeholders (such as employers and industry associations) is critical to ensuring your training and assessment strategies are aligned with industry practices. RTO Advance provides industry consultation templates and reports and can facilitate meetings for industry feedback.


    Utilising our industry consultation service is an effective way to support the development and delivery of high-quality training programs. This can help ensure that RTO courses are relevant, up-to-date, and meet the needs of employers and learners.

  • We assist in recruiting senior managerial jobs in RTOs as our staff have a deep understanding of the education and training industry and the specific requirements of the roles in question.

    In consultation with your RTO, our team of experts can assist in preparing the job advertisement, reviewing suitable applicants, confirming a short list of suitable applicants, interviewing and reference checking to ensure the candidate has the necessary skills to match your desired outcomes

  • The aim of academic due diligence is to identify any potential areas of improvement and to ensure that an RTO is meeting the needs of its learners and stakeholders. This service is essential prior to deciding whether to acquire an existing RTO.

  • ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) courses are used by many international students for a range of purposes:


    • as their initial course in Australia to bring their English skills up to a level that allows further study in RTOs, private higher education institutions and universities;

    • to improve their English skills for working holiday purposes or for use in their own country; or

    • because they see improving their English as a ‘good thing to do’; the end result of their study.

Why run an ELICOS program?

Some RTOs also expand their ELICOS offering to cater for students heading for university, or whose end result is simply improved English. This can be an excellent way of diversifying your student base.


RTO Advance works with ELT Support who provide specialist ELICOS services. To obtain further information go to www.eltsupport .com


RTOs gain three big advantages if they provide their own ELICOS programs:

1  —

Capture a wider range of students

Many RTOs send students with a level of English proficiency below their entry requirements (typically IELTS 5.5 overall) to other ELICOS colleges. If you’re doing this, you’re missing out on the income from these students.


There are also risks – the student might not want to change providers in the end, or they might be given more temptations to change course to something your RTO doesn’t provide.

2  —

Give your students a better experience

An expanding body of research is showing that students with a sense of belonging to their provider achieve greater success, are less like to drop out, and have a greater level of satisfaction.


For many students, ELICOS is their first course of study in their pathway, and thus provides a great opportunity to instil this sense of belonging. The emphasis in ELICOS on social activity (great for language learning) enhances this effect.

3 —

Ensure your students are well prepared for success

You may have heard that success at General English Upper Intermediate is equivalent to IELTS 5.5. That is
true (as long as the course is carefully benchmarked), but while General English courses can be very good, they are very broad – students may be on a working holiday visa, or improving English before returning to their own country – the course is not targeted at RTO study. English for Academic Purposes courses are slightly more appropriate – they usually exist primary to prepare students for university, with an early exit point to RTOs. In the rare event that your RTO qualifications are assessed using university-style essays, this can be a great course! More appropriate for most RTOs, though, our ELICOS partner provides RTO Advance clients with a unique course targeted at students preparing for vocational study, with assessments based around typical RTO tasks: report writing, meeting simulations, presentations etc. This program prepares students for RTO study much more effectively than most ELICOS programs.

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