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Judith Bowler

Founder & Senior Advisor

Judith has been actively involved in the vocational education sector for over 35 years, including 20 years’ operating a large and successful RTO.


She has extensive experience in accreditation and compliance issues for private institutions, especially those within the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector. Judith was previously a contract lead auditor for Training Services NSW was appointed by the former national regulatory, National Audit and Registration Agency (NARA) as a Lead Auditor and Quality Consultant. Judith has completed many audits and related services to assist Registered Training Organisations to strengthen continuous improvement systems and processes.

Judith has a Master of Education in Adult Education, Graduate Certificate in Training (Action Learning), Diploma of Training Design and Development, Cert IV in Training and Assessment, and Diploma of Quality Auditing. In addition, she also holds qualifications in business and community services.

Isobel Kidd

Senior Auditor and Advisor

Isobel has been actively involved in the vocational education sector for over 25 years, including 17 years’ operating a successful RTO (Fisher Kidd & Associates RTO ID 90386). She has extensive experience in accreditation and compliance issues for a range of institutions, especially those within the Vocational Education & Training (VET) sector. Isobel is a former regulatory auditor for Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and NSW state regulator, VETAB and has been involved in conducting complex regulatory audits for many years. 

Isobel has been involved in developing high quality rectification evidence for Registered Training Organisations following internal and regulatory audits. In addition, Isobel has extensive experience in developing and strengthening continuous improvement systems and quality management processes. Isobel has a Master of Education, a Bachelor of Arts, Diploma of Education, Cert IV in Training & Assessment and a Diploma of Quality Auditing.

Sean Crumlin

Auditor and Advisor

Sean has been a Senior Consultant with RTO Advance since 2013 and is highly experienced in providing a range of services including:

  • Developing and validating assessment tools

  • Validating training and assessment strategies

  • Reviewing and validating trainer files.


Prior to joining RTO Advance, Sean was the Director of Performance Audit for 9 years at the Audit Office of NSW. Before this role, Sean held a number of audit related senior management positions in the NSW public sector and Telstra. Sean has a Bachelor of Laws, Master of Public Policy, the Assessor Skill Set TAE40116 Certificate IV Training and Assessment and Diploma of Quality Auditing (current)

Rebecca Coutts

Client Relations Executive

Rebecca has been with RTO Advance since 2016 and is highly experienced in providing a range of services including:

  • Liaising with clients and developing project proposals

  • Conducting audits

  • Developing and validating assessment tools

  • Validating training and assessment strategies

  • Reviewing and validating trainer files.


Prior to joining RTO Advance, Rebecca worked for 5 years for a large, registered training organisation, in the role of project coordinator. This involved client liaison, developing project schedules, maintaining student records and arranging training sessions.


From 2009 to 2015 Rebecca worked as a Business Development Manager for Diageo Australia’s leading premium spirits company with over 200 brands sold in more than 180 countries. Rebecca has a Diploma of Quality Auditing (current) and the Assessor Skill Set of the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.


We have chosen the hummingbird as the symbol for RTO Advance because it embodies the values that underpin our vision. The hummingbird is known for its agility, resilience, and adaptability. We pride ourselves on providing innovative and flexible solutions that enable you to navigate the ever changing landscape of education. The hummingbird's ability to hover in mid-air and swiftly change direction reflects our commitment to responding to your evolving needs. The hummingbird's vibrant colors and delicate beauty symbolise the joy, creativity, and inspiration that we strive to bring to the educational experience. Through this symbol, we aim to convey the transformative nature of education, where even the smallest actions can have a profound impact, just like the hummingbird's delicate wings.


RTO Advance has assisted many RTOs to improve their operations. Below is a sample of our clients:

Australian Learning Group
Australian College of Hypnotherapy
Australian Pacific International College (APIC)
Bankstown Community Resource Group
Brighten Institute
Catalyst Education
Elle Bache
Evolution Hospitality Institute
FBI Fashion College
Furnishing Industry Association Australia
Girl Guides Australia
Global English
Hader Institute of Education
Hospitality Training Academy
House With No Steps
International College of Management Sydney (ICMS)
Iona Columba College
Lend Lease
Life Without Barriers
Macleay College
Management Consultancy International (MCI)
MIS Global
MTC Training
National Joblink
Open Colleges
Pacific Training Group
Real Estate Institute, NSW
Rosehill College
Royal Life Saving Society Australia
SAE Creative Media Institute
SELC Australia
Selmar Institute of Education
Southern Cross School of Business
Southern Pathology
Sureway Education and Training
Sydney Film School
Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Sydney School of Business and Technology
Tactical Training Group
The Education Group
Think Education Group
Tranby College
Transport for NSW
The Entourage Education Group
University of NSW Global
University of Queensland
University of Wollongong
Wesley Vocational Institute
Yum Restaurants (KFC and Pizza Hut)

Judith Bowler and her team of skilled advisors worked with our college staff to ensure we were all prepared for the ASQA on-site audit for our RTO’s re-registration. Not only has Iona Columba College successfully re-registered as an Australian RTO for the next seven years, we have now also engaged
Judith and RTO Advance to conduct regular quality and compliance reviews to proactively ensure our current high standard of service is retained.



When we underwent the upgrade of assessment to the new BSB training package, we sought the expertise for external validation from Sean Crumlin of RTO Advance. We were over the moon! Sean and the team supported us through the entire project, which meant not only checking every assessment instruction and mapping criteria against the UoC, principles of assessment and standards, but provided our team with constructive recommendations and feedback which was invaluable. Thank you Sean, your expertise, support and words of encouragement were very much appreciated!




Without hesitation, I can recommend RTO Advance and the team of experts that are involved with them to assist education providers in all matters. They have a reputation that is built on quality knowledge and skills that are respected by peers and authorities in the education industry. They are simply the best.



The feedback from RTO Advance was extremely helpful as a basis for our validation process and we were able to use this information to improve all our training and assessment resources....



The team at RTO Advance brings unparalleled proficiency and insight to the table, having been a crucial catalyst in the progression of Rosehill College. They’ve masterfully collaborated with us on formulating our strategic plan, thereby sculpting the future direction of our institution. Moreover, their assistance has been instrumental in reinforcing our quality assurance system, instilling a stronger sense of reliability and trust within our community. RTO Advance is truly a beacon of professional excellence and industry know-how.





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