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What is an RTO?

Registered training organisations

Registered training organisations (RTOs) deliver nationally recognised training in the VET sector. To deliver this training, they need to be approved by ASQA.

RTOs are the only organisations in the Australian VET system authorised to:

  • deliver and assess nationally recognised training

  • issue nationally recognised qualifications and statements of attainment

  • apply for government funding to provide VET services.

More than 4 million students study VET each year. VET is the main way Australians upskill or reskill.

There are about 4000 RTOs in Australia, most of them are regulated by ASQA.

The national register includes a list of all RTOs.


Vocational Education and Training

VET provides students with practical skills and knowledge so they can contribute to the national workforce.

VET accredited courses and qualifications help students to:

  • get qualified for a new career

  • return or enter the workforce

  • upskill current qualifications

  • enter university.

Unless your organisation is a registered RTO listed on the national register you cannot advertise, offer or deliver VET.


VET courses and qualifications

VET course qualifications are:

  • certificate I, II, III and IV

  • diploma

  • advanced diploma

  • vocational graduate certificate and diploma.

If you are a student looking for a particular course, visit My Skills.

How RTOs are regulated

ASQA is the regulator for all providers delivering training in:

  • Queensland

  • South Australia

  • Tasmania

  • Australian Capital Territory

  • Northern Territory

  • New South Wales.

ASQA also regulates providers in Victoria and Western Australia if they offer:

  • any course (in-class or online) within ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA and TAS

  • courses to overseas students in Australia on a student visa.


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